Thursday, 28 April 2011

Why you did'nt love me?

Why? I gave you my heart, and you throw it. I said to you all that I feel, and you didn't listen me. Can't you love me? Is your heart really dead? Oh, let me try to be yours. I want to stay with you all of my life, and I need you. I want to die with you, carrying a kiss by you like my last wish. I want to be the girl of your eyes, your pretty eyes. I love you baby, I really love you. Are you listening to me? No, you are cold and dead, but you are gorgeous. I like the way that I killed you, with a kiss, a sweet kiss... You used to hate love, I don't. That's what happens if you refuse me and go away with a bitch that doesn't love you. I loved you, like a mum loves her daughter. I loved you like a teenager loves his music. I loved you like you were an angel, but you aren't it, you are a corpse, a cold corpse. Your lips are blue, like your beatiful eyes. I love the way that you look at me, frightened. I didn't kill you, love and the time did it. Oh darling, how much I loved you but... love rhymes with fuck you...

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